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Product Information

This multiple award winning facial range is created using purely natural active ingredients.  The easy to follow 5 step skincare routine is gentle on the skin and deeply nourishing.  Suitable for all skin types; beneficial for all ages.

The JustBe Fresh Faced routine follows the simple sequence of cleanse, tone and moisturise twice a day, every day.  Gentle and regular exfoliation is a good way to reduce breakouts and treat acne by keeping the pores free from dead cells.  It’s important not to over exfoliate however as this will leave skin red and irritated.  For teenagers, skin cells regenerate every 14 days, whilst skin typically regenerates every 30-40 days for adults.  Exfoliate 2-3 times per week for normal to oily skin and once every 7-10 days for dry skin.  Treat blemishes as and when required.




The JustBe Radiant Anti-Ageing Facial range includes the richly nourishing cleansing balm that leaves skin luxuriously soft and cleansed, the muslin cloth providing gentle exfoliation.  The hydrating serum provides an instant feeling of skin firmness and improved elasticity.  The deeply nourishing treatment oil enriched with rosehip and 5 essential oils leaves your skin radiant and visibly brighter.

Gift Set Anti Ageing